Diversity of rays and sharks in drop of water

Studying elusive and rare animals is often a challenge. This is especially true in large marine systems, and even more if the visibility is poor or in remote areas. Fortunately, due advanced research tools we can now determine the presence of illusive animals, like rays and sharks, a little bit easier. Globally more and more […]

Studying small rays with big drones

How do you study the feeding ecology of small benthic whiprays in a turbid intertidal ecosystem? With some eyes in the sky we can get a great deal of information of these small animals. The Bijagos Archipelago contains vast intertidal areas or so-called “intertidal mudflats”, which are an important foraging area for the thousands of […]

On the quest of studying sharks and rays within complex and remote intertidal ecosystems.

Over the last decade, scientific research and conservation work focused on sharks and rays has increased vastly due to the dramatic population and increased media attention for these species groups. Until now scientific research has mainly focused on sharks and rays on tropical coral reefs or in association with pelagic and bottom fisheries. This bias […]

The Bijagos Archipelago, a West African biodiversity hotspot.

The Bijagos Archipelago is located off the coast of Guinea Bissau in West Africa, and consists of around 88 islands and islets. The archipelago is particularly known for its extensive mangrove forests, the population of hippos that roam free on Orango, and the culture of the local Bij√≥go communities which is strongly influenced by local […]